Wearing high water jeans with other pieces of clothing from wardrobe

High water jeans can accentuate your feet no matter what shoes you put on (court shoes or sneakers). This fall we offer to your consideration high water jeans with a few trendy looks.


Pastel colored blouse + ankle straps make a cool asset for this season. With this combination high water jeans form the basis of the entire look.


Double-breasted jacket if combined with high water jeans may serve as a substitute for common white shirt. Color accents of this look join together all the pieces as one thing.


A good combination of high water jeans can be achieved with asymmetric sweatshirt. This look will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Rocker jacket

Cut-away shoulders are timely in autumn the same way they are during summer. Many fashion makers (Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Acne Studios) were showing the models on the runways who were dressed in awkwardly open outfits as for regular outdoor clothing. Puffer jackets and overcoats were noticed alongside with common dresses/blouses. Another simple alternative is a cutaway shoulder rocker-style jacket.