Shopping tips

  • Disable ad blockers, or better all third-party plugins when placing your order to guarantee for sure you will get a cashback. For example, many users have Adblock active or strict filtering set up in their firewall or antivirus applications. Disable it temporary before ordering something as they may also block your receiving cashbacks.
  • Note that in order to get some refund you should order using the shopping cart of an online shop only. If you order by phone or using any other method, this cannot secure your being refunded.
  • Have special extensions installed in your browser to remind you about possible refund when ordering something from any online shop. We recommend disabling all other plugins which can hamper payouts.
  • Mixing our service together with third-party discounts and bonuses may not consider your purchase in our system.
  • Promo codes available from our section in most cases are not compatible with promo codes granted by other online shops. Use only ours.
  • When shopping, try to avoid clicking on other banners that will be redirecting you to third-party resources, including third-party shops, otherwise you are risking to have your cashback accrued.
  • Please note that we strongly recommend you, when being redirected to an online shop from Smarty.Sale, not to close this window, not to click on banners, and not to delay your planned purchase for another day, because it may happen the purchase is valid for the current user session only. Take Aliexpress for example. If you go to it from our catalog and close the browser window, and then open it directly in the URL address bar, you will receive no cashback. 
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