"Hot", this week's increased cashback

From 11 to 17 September we again prepared for you increased cashback in the popular stores of our service.

1) Kedoff.net (Ukraine). Internet shop of shoes and accessories. Delivery in Ukraine.

Kedoff net - online store brand of original shoes and accessories for women, men and children. The assortment of the store includes more than 3000 items. In the shop windows you can find products of different price categories.

It was up to 4.00%, it became up to 8.00% - the cashback from the paid order

2) Sima-land (Russia). Wholesale online store.

Sima-lend is one of the largest wholesale online stores of consumer goods in Russia.

It was up to 1.90%, it became up to 3.80% - the cashback from the paid order

3) Hotels com (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Service at the choice of hotels.

Hotels com offers a choice of hundreds of thousands of hotels in more than 60 countries. Thanks to the convenience of the search engine and various discounts, you can easily find the best deals.

It was up to 4.00%, it became up to 8.00% - the cashback from the paid order

4) Rosewholesale com (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Wholesale of clothing.

RoseWholesale is one of the largest online clothing wholesale services that specializes in both wholesale and retail sales for those who want to save money and buy clothes in bulk.

It was up to 5.50%, it was up to 11.00% - the cashback from the paid order

5) Niti-Niti (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Clothing store Thread-Thread is a Russian brand of youth clothing.

The chain of Thread-Threads opened in Russia and the CIS grows rapidly and covers more and more large cities. At the moment, the Thread-Thread network consists of 35 stores, opened through the franchising system.

It was up to 9.62%, it became up to 19.23% - the cashback from the paid order

6) Speedify VPN (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). VPN service

Speedify is a fast, mobile and reliable VPN connecting all available Internet connections.

It was up to 20.00%, it became up to 40.00% - the cashback from the paid order

7) Misto.Travel (Ukraine). Online service for tour search

Misto Travel is an online service for searching tours for all tour operators, which completely replaces the usual travel agency. The system of search and booking of tours Misto.travel is a unique project, which has no analogues in Ukraine!

It was up to 1.93%, it became up to 3.85% - the cashback from the paid order

8) Expedia (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Online service for booking travel

Expedia is an online travel booking service, is the leading online travel agency and cooperates with the world's most famous travel brands.

It was up to 5.40 USD, it became up to 10.80 USD - cash back from paid order

9) Binasport (Russia). Sports nutrition store

Binasport - sports nutrition for bodybuilding and fitness. Strict adherence to quality standards, high efficiency and absolute safety are the main components of the success of the sports nutrition BINASPORT.

It was up to 5.00%, it became up to 10.00% - the cashback from the paid order

10) Paradpomad (Russia). Cosmetics store.

ParadPomad ru is a multi-brand online cosmetics store aimed at a wide audience.

It was up to 5.00%, it became up to 10.00% - the cashback from the paid order

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