How to choose the right Power Bank

Chargers in our time should always be at hand, because gadgets can quickly be discharged. Help comes Power Bank - reliable energy satellites! We'll figure out what to do when we're going to buy them.

1. Battery

External batteries often use lithium-ion, as well as lithium-polymer batteries. We will say that it is in the latter that there is no memory effect and high capacity with a small mass. Important criteria - this is the safety of devices, which is not in cheap fakes.

2. Capacity of the tub

The capacity in good devices should be up to 3 times better than the capacity of a simple battery, for example, for a smartphone. Here is an example: in the iPhone 7, the battery capacity is 1960 mAh, and the capacity of the Power Bank is a maximum of 6,000 mAh. It turns out, more capacity in the battery of the phone - more requirements for Power Bank.

3. Peak current

External batteries with current strength are determined by the charging speed of the gadgets. More current strength means the gadget is faster to charge. Of course, on sale is Power Bank immediately to 1A and 2A outputs (for charging smartphones and tablets).

4. What is the body made from?

The Power Bank can be made of plastic or metal. If it is plastic, then the device is easy, but it quickly scratches and undergoes temperature changes. In the case of metal, the external battery is heavier, but the advantage is the high impact resistance with scratch resistance. A minus is a great price.

5. Manufacturer

The most important function of Power Bank is charging. But the device must not damage the charging device when charging. The best advice is to buy external batteries from well-known companies. Proven manufacturers are more likely to be copied by incomprehensible companies.

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