Where to rest at the sea at the end of September - early October?

The summer period has already passed, and now the so-called velvet season is coming to an end. Where can I still rest near the sea and bask in the warm sun?

In September, warm sun and sea breeze are suitable for people who do not like strong heat. The Mediterranean Sea at this time is maximally heated to + 26 ° C. Consider the resorts of Cyprus, the southern coast of Italy, as well as popular today in Turkey - air and water will provide a comfortable stay.

  • Beach vacation in Greece in September-October often falls on the island of Crete, where a little warmer.
  • Tunisia in the autumn windless. Families with children love this country due to snow-white sand, many water attractions, amusement parks and good hotels.
  • Egypt in this period of the year turns into a comfortable region - a temperature of about 34 ° C, the sea - no more than + 28 ° C. Diving is the most favorite tourist activity.
  • Cyprus at the end of September will enjoy the warm weather, water parks and delicious food.
  • Resorts of Turkey are famous for their "All inclusive" systems, and the swimming season continues until the end of autumn. Quiet or active rest is given to tourists thanks to the developed infrastructure. We add that only in the evening the temperature drops to + 20 ° C.
  • Jordan enjoys the warm weather and, of course, the Dead Sea with the spa centers located here. Tourists choose such excursions as diving and underwater hunting in the Red Sea.
  • Israel is also warm and comfortable in September-October. The southern regions are characterized by an air temperature of + 30 ° C and water at + 25 ° C.

Where is the sea already cool?

In the Mediterranean, autumn in Spain is manifested by cold currents and rains. Croatia and the north of Italy are becoming cool, so it's better to pay attention to the southern part of the resorts.

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