Top-10 stores of the week with increased cashback

New week - new stores with increased cashback! Only from September 25 to October 1, 2017.

Domino's Pizza. Pizza delivery. Russia

Domino's Pizza is the world leader in pizza delivery. Only Moscow and the region.

The company offers you to choose the thickness of the dough, the diameter of the pizza, remove or add ingredients. Also you can order pizza with delivery and include beverages, hot snacks or dessert.

It was up to 32.50 RUB, became up to 65.00 RUB - a cashback from a paid order.  


Kari. Accessories and footwear. Delivery across Russia

KARI is a large international chain of stores offering fashion footwear and a wide range of accessories for the whole family.

It was up to 3.5%, it became up to 7.00% - cashback from the paid order.


Divan ru. Furniture store. Delivery across Russia.

Divan ru creates coziness in any space - whether it is a long-awaited apartment, a new office or a favorite villa. Life in every home begins with furniture. With the right furniture, a good life begins.

It was up to 4.20%, it became up to 8.40% - cashback from the paid order.  


OASAP. Women's clothing online store (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

OASAP is an online store that delivers worldwide, and offers women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

It was up to 5.50%, it was up to 11.00% - cashback from the paid order.


Wotif. Travel service with comfort (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus)

Today Wotif is recognized worldwide as a leader in travel with the use of Internet resources, and is also one of the most recognizable travel-brands in Australia and New Zealand. Hotels, Flights, Car rental, Packages and much more.

It was up to 3.20%, it became up to 6.40% - cashback from the paid order.


Creditplus com ua. Service for credit facilities (Ukraine)

СreditPlus is a service of simple online lending. СreditPlus is a modern company with high-quality service, which in its activity follows the principles of responsible lending.

It was 90 UAH, 180 UAH - cashback from the paid order.


Alexcredit com ua. Service for credit facilities (Ukraine)

Alexcredit is a microcredit company that provides money for any needs, whenever you need it.

There was 85 UAH, 170 UAH - cashback from the paid order.  


Citrus UA. Online electronics store. Delivery in Ukraine

The company "Citrus" is the first Ukrainian specialized network of gadget stores and accessories.

It was up to 3.50%, it became up to 7.00% - cashback from the paid order.


iKapusta com ua. Service for credit facilities.

Money in your pocket is a modern and simple service that allows you to get a credit for a payment card.

There was 52.50 UAH, 100 UAH - cashback from the paid order.


SOS Credit UA. Service for credit facilities.

SOS CREDIT is a reliable credit institution and the most convenient online service for obtaining a quick credit for a bank card.

It was 115.00 UAH, starting 230.00 UAH - cashback from the paid order.