What you need to know not to buy a defective smartphone?

Not always the world's smartphone companies are producing all the products in an ideal quality. How not to get on a defective product? Let's see in more detail.

1. Appearance of smartphone

Before buying, inspect the box, if there are any damage on it, as well as factory seals. After that, we inspect the smartphone for integrity and the absence of external shortcomings. The display of a brand new smartphone must necessarily have a factory protective film.

2. Its complete set

The standard version of the phone in the box is completed (in addition to it): a battery (if removable), charging, USB-cable, warranty card, instruction. We draw attention to the fact that the "guarantee" is always filled in order to be able to use the guarantee.

3. Functionality

In the novelty we install a SIM card with a memory card. Check to see if their phone. Checking the quality of communication can be done through a test call, as well as check at the same time sending / receiving messages. Try to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi.

4. Display Quality

Check the display is for the presence of broken pixels and its response to the actions thanks to a special application. An alternative to programs is the following method: simply make photographs in monochrome colors.

5. Camera

A pair of test photos in different levels of lighting - an ideal test for the front and main cameras. The same procedure is used to check the video. The performance of each mode and the filter of the cameras is checked in the settings menu.