Intel postponed the release of new processors

There was new information on the emergence of the latest processors from Intel.

In August 2017, the company presented mobile chips of the 8th generation, and a month ago Intel announced the appearance of the first desktop processors Coffee Lake. It is now reported that the company will release its own 4-core and 6-core chips from the Coffee Lake-H series until the end of next summer. In turn, the chips Coffee Lake-U with Coffee Lake-H vPro are expected for the second quarter of 2018.

Each processor from the family Coffee Lake is made using a proven 14-nm process technology. The emergence of Cannon Lake processors, which were performed on this 10-nm process technology, was planned for the 2nd decade of 2017, but problems with the release creation technology forced the company to postpone the process for 2018.

It is assumed that the created processors of the new generation of Intel Cannon Lake will make their debut in June / July next year, as well as the models from the Cannon Lake-Y line. In 2019, Ice Lake chips will appear, followed by the announcement of the Tiger Lake family of processors, which are similarly made using a 10-nm process technology.