Cashback from SmartBuyGlasses (United States)

4.00% cashback from the paid order
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SmartBuyGlasses is the leading online retailer of designer eyewear. We offer over 70,000 products of more than 180 designer brands including Ray-Ban, Gucci, Persol & many more. SmartBuyGlasses offers customers unbeatable benefits such as a robust 3D Try-On system, a 24-month warranty, and 100 Day Return Policy 

We are a global online omni-channel group led by young professionals. We are service-driven, detail-oriented and passionate about what we do. After over ten years of expertise in modern entrepreneurship, we are now an eyewear e-commerce leader in over 20 countries worldwide with a growing physical retail store presence in our key markets.

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  • 4.00%Sale_CO_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CL_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_AR_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_BR_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_UK_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_IE_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_SE_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_NL_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_USA_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_JP_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_ZA_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_HK_UT_TCN Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CA_UT_English Default
  • 4.00%Sale_HK_UT_English Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CA_UT_French Default
  • 4.00%Sale_DE_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_DK_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_SG_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_FR_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_AE_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CH_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CH_UT_English Default
  • 4.00%Sale_CH_UT_French Default
  • 4.00%Sale_BE_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_BE_UT_French Default
  • 4.00%Sale_AT_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_ES_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_IT_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_PT_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_FI_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_NO_UT Default
  • 4.00%Sale_PL_UT Default
We guarantee cashback accrual and payout as follows:

1. You have accessed a shop by clicking on the "Go shopping" button on our site. It has been no longer than 4 hours since your access, and the order completed while staying in the shop.
2. When accessing the shop, you did not use banners in other sources or your access to the site was not due to third-party mailing lists and you also did not use third-party promo codes.
3. The item you have chosen participates in cashback (in certain shops products may be divided by categories; please refer to the "INFORMATION/TERMS AND CONDITIONS" tab )
4. Upon payment, you has not rejected the product you bought for any reason.
5. You do not use or disabled ad blocking applications, such as AdBlock or similar products.

We ensure you will receive a payout by the method you see comfortable to you within 3 business days (generally within one day) upon request via the "PAYOUTS" special menu.
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