A new selection of stores with increased cashback of the new week

+ 100% to cashback in your favorite store! New week - new interesting offers.


Podushka ua. Shop of textiles.

One of the first in Ukraine shops on-line trade in textile products.

It was 1.15%, it became 2.30% of the cashback from the paid order


Gamiss com. Internet-shop of clothes

Gamiss is the world's leading online clothing and accessories store. A wide range of high-quality assortment of women's, men's and children's clothes, as well as jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches, etc. at the most affordable prices.

It was 12.50%, it became 25.00% cashback from the paid order  


METRO UA. Hypermarket products

"METRO" - online order of your favorite products. Delivery of goods to the doorstep of your house at the time you choose.

It was 19.23 UAH, it became 38.46 UAH cashback from the paid order


Сhainreactioncycles. Internet bike shop

Chain Reaction Cycles - the largest online bike shop in the world, with a huge range of products for any discipline of cycling, triathlon, running, swimming, fitness and active lifestyle.

It was 1.20%, it became 2.40% of the cashback from the paid order


Urbanoutfitters EU. Youth clothes shop

Using exclusively creative, individual and progressive approach Urban Outfitters stands guard over youth culture and new ideas. Urban Outfitters offer men's clothing, women's clothing, home furnishings, accessories, music and gifts.

It was 3.05%, it became 6.10% cashback from the paid order


CreditUP. Service for credit facilities

CreditUP is a new service that gives an opportunity within 10 minutes to get a loan up to 7000 hryvnia on an online bank card. This is the fastest and most convenient way to get money to pay throughout Ukraine.

It was 75.00 UAH, it became 150.00 UAH cashback from the paid order  


UAE Visa. Service of electronic visas

Uaevisa-online org is one of the fastest growing companies offering electronic visas for different countries of the world.

It was 3.50%, it became 7.00% cashback from the paid order  


Rentacarfor me. Local Car Rental Broker

RentacarFor Me is an international broker of local car rentals operating in Eastern Europe: Russia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

It was 4.00%, it became 8.00% cashback from the paid order


VolumeRate com. E-commerce service

VolumeRate com is a company that has been working in e-commerce for more than 10 years.

It was 2.50%, it became 5.00% cashback from the paid order  


Usenet nl. Usenet provider

Usenet nl is a world-wide Usenet provider that provides more than 100,000 newsgroups freely available to all users anywhere in the world!

It was 4.60 EUR, it became 9.20 EUR - the cashback from the paid order


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